Why do Jews Who Hate Themselves Hate Trump?

I am Jewish. I support Trump and respect my Jewish brothers and sisters who do also but why do SO MANY Jews hate Trump? Why are they so willing to do what they're told, no matter if it makes sense or not? Why are they so willing to give up their rights and freedoms!
Do they forget? The Jewish community has been saying "Never Forget" referring to the Holocaust, for decades! 
Masks = Ghetto
Non-FDA approved Vaccines = Josef Mengele
This post is about a woman named Virginia Heffernan who is a journalist and writes a political column for the LA Times. Her article is despicable. (see below) It appears she was Christian, converted to Judaism for her then fiancé only to return to her original religion after her divorce. Fun Fact: Once you convert to Judaism, you can't "un-convert". She is what we call a self-hating Jew.
Her Twitter account is very confusing. She seems to be all over the place politically, not really making much sense and definitely appears to have a strong disdain for Jewish people. 
Why do I bring up Jews hating Trump? Virginia Heffernan hates Trump-supporters in the same way Hitler hated the Jews AND as there were MANY Jews who turned over the own people to the Nazis, who were called Judenrats, Heffernan is attempting to gaslight the political narrative just as Hitler did to the 
German people.
Link to the Miriam Yager Podcast with guest Rabbi Michoel Green. (Vaccines)

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