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Welcome..  It is Monday April 19th 2021. It’s a beautiful day in Toronto, Canada but boy oh boy am I getting mad! Today’s question is “what the heck is going on?”

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Ok, I want to know two things.. how stupid do they think we are and what won’t the left do to push their evil agenda?

Two more mass shootings over the weekend. One in Kenosha Wisconsin and one in Austin Texas. Is anyone NOT getting what is happening? I think I mentioned this in the last TWO podcasts! You know, when you want to make a point in order to “get your way”, the method should include some level of subtlety. The left doesn’t care anymore. You have on the one side, the left’s massive push to take guns away from American law-abiding citizens and on the other you have their racial equality (in air quotes) agenda. So right now America is burning, people are dying and it was obvious from weeks ago.. heck, it was obvious this entire year and even before what they are up to. But we, on the right didn’t want to believe it. That’s why it continues. We didn’t want to believe that the mainstream and social media knew and was actively and purposefully doing things (ie: changing and pushing narratives to fuel the fire as well as editing stories in order to outright lie). We didn’t want to believe that the DC swamp was really THAT corrupt. We wanted to have faith in something, like the Constitution and fair elections.

We wanted to believe those that were saying that electricity would soon go out and President Trump would address the nation and the world from the Emergency Broadcast System, Signal and/or Telegram. So we all downloaded Signal and Telegram. We are told by some that NESARA (the National Economic Security and Reformation Act) and has already been enacted just not proclaimed and that soon GESARA (the Global version of NESARA) will be enacted.

NESARA is supposed to be the LEGAL means to usher in the era of peace, love and harmony on EARTH.

When will this take place? It can’t be too soon because the world has literally gone mad. Over the weekend there was so much bad news it was very hard to stomach.

They recalled Peloton’s Tread+ Treadmill. Why? Because a toddler was killed on it and I was absolutely shocked that they have the video of the toddler dying. I didn’t watch the entire video. It was disturbing enough the part that I did watch. I couldn’t believe that they actually showed it. On one hand one might think it will prevent future deaths but I believe stupid people will continue to be stupid. It wasn’t Peleton’s fault. It was the stupid parents who put this treadmill IN the children’s playroom and then left them unattended. It’s disgusting that by now, in 2021, people are still that stupid and careless. Poor soul. And the sister saw it happen and ran to get her parents. She will live with that horror for the rest of her life. It’s just awul.

Riley Basford, an innocent 15 yr old boy. Lived on a farm, loved the outdoors and was a all around good kid. He opened a FB account and a pretty girl sent a friend request. Very soon after she asked him for some intimte photos. He sent. He was a 15 year old boy. Right after he found out that “Megan” wasn’t a pretty and nice girl, they were sextortionists. They told him to pay $3500 or they will show the pics to his family and friends online. Within an hour, feeling he had no way out being that he didn’t have the money himself, he went to his room and shot himself.

Omegle and Only Fans. Do you know what these are? So apparently they BOTH have been around for a while. They are apps. Only Fans is mostly where young people (yes, even minors) do whatever it takes to entertain and get paid for it and I don’t mean doing the loop da loop with a yoyo or singing. And then there’s Omegle. From what I understand Omegle has “rooms” that you enter. People can do whatever they want in there and according to people who have been on this app, there are a lot of men doing lewd things, we’ll just leave it at that but the really concerning part is that it’s filled with minors. I called a friend of mine who has younger kids (pre-teen and teen) to alert her of these apps. She said that her kids are pretty good at telling her about bad things they see on the internet but while I was on the phone with her, she asked her kids if they knew about these apps. Guess what? The younger one knew about one of them and the older one knew about both. Both of these kids are minors. Like not verging on adulthood.. I mean minor minors! I know pornography is all over the internet but at least it’s difficult for sick people to find child pornography. THIS I believe should constitute child pornography. In fact, in a lot of ways, it’s worse.. the kids are potentially if not absolutely engaging with the depraved. It is so incredibly dangerous. Sick individuals are NOT “hiding” behind alias’, pretending to be a different gender or age. On Omegle, you can apparently see who they are. So if kids are engaging in conversation.. the potential pedophile is out in the open. Where is the FBI?

More Covid restrictions in Ontario Canada. It’s been a very hard weekend for most in the province. The premiere Doug Ford has put MORE restrictions just a week after the province-wide shut down he just implemented.

They say the numbers are off the charts. On the Covid Cases graph, it does show that the numbers are now more than the “second wave” that we supposedly had. Bear in mind most of the time when I talk about Covid,  I am using the hypothesis that it’s true. I don’t believe almost ANYTHING they’ve told us from the beginning but I’m playing devil’s advocate. So in this new round of restrictions, there are now checkpoints at the borders between Ontario and the two provinces to our right and left. Quebec and Manitoba. They cant come in, we can’t go out. So now we’re not only in a “Stay-at-home” order until at least May 20th, we cannot leave the province.

Police were given special powers. They are allowed to stop you, ask your name, where you live AND for your ID.. JUST for being alive and walking outside. I heard over the weekend that the police are confused as to what the new powers are and they are apprehensive to use them.

All non-essential construction is supposed to stop but as I’m sitting here doing this Podcast, I hear the construction on the condo building next to mine. I would say that is NOT essential. It’s not a hospital!

Do I WANT all the closures? NO.. but I don’t want the drip drip of restrictions either. Just lock us in the house for a month or even two and be done with this.

Vaccines. Canada and almost every other country doesn’t have enough to do the 2nd doses within the prescribed amount of time.. like, not even close. I know someone who got their 1st does in March and is scheduled for the 2nd dose in July. That’s 3+ months or 12+ weeks. There’s supposed to be no more than 6 weeks in between and the vaccines that are out there are only for the original variant. Most countries now have more of the new variants than the original so what’s the point? Like I said I the last podcast.. they’re talking about a double mutated variant from India and a FOURTH wave.

I personally am more worried about the vaccines than if there was ever Covid. It doesn’t matter if there ever was a Covid Pandemic.. we can forget about even worrying or talking about that now because we KNOW the vaccines are producing COVID in the body, so it doesn’t matter if there ever was Covid.. there will be now. Why is there such a spike in Covid case numbers? Could it be because the vaccinated have already started shedding their Covid production to the rest of us? Other vaccines didn’t have this capacity. They didn’t continually produce the vaccine. I don’t believe any celebrity or political figure head have participated in this genetic experiment and taken the vaccine. No way. And you need your head examined if you think they have. So where does that leave us? I have  NO idea and I cannot answer the question as to why Donald Trump seems to have come out in defense of some of some vaccines over Pfizer or why Ivanka seems to have taken the vaccine or put on the show that she  has. Are the vaccines placebos? All of them? It’s all so confusing I honestly am having trouble knowing what is more probable. What I still believe completely is that President Donald Trump has our best interests at heart and will emerge as the 19th President of the United States Republic.

Does it ever feel like you are watching all of this but you are not fully in the present. That it doesn’t seem real?

I watched the documentary “Super Human” on Netflix yesterday. It’s about individual and collective consciousness. It shows people who are able to move things, change PH levels in water and read with a blind fold just by the power of the mind. I’m sorry, if this is possible.. why are we not using this to cause a massive ripple effect to awaken everyone on the planet. To effect change to the human psyche or to stop bad things from happening. If children can see with a blindfold.. why can’t blind people see? What are we to believe anymore?

Everything about Covid is making people sick. I mean really sick. Mentally and physically. Let’s take the masks alone. 129 billion face masks are used worldwide each month or approximately 3 million masks a minute!

The masks are not just bad due to the lack of social interaction but some have particles that you breathe, in addition to the microbes from your own mouth called “oral commensals” that enter lungs and have been known to cause advanced stage lung cancer. Masks also have teeny little pieces of microsized plastic fibers with a thickness of 1-10mm that are being released into the environment more readily and faster than larger plastic items like plastic bottles or bags. Not only that.. masks are NOT being recycled, and their materials make them likely to persist and accumulate in the environment for decades to come, if not longer.

And just want to point out here AGAIN.. if Covid is so contagious and SO deadly.. why is the government allowing people to throw their used masks anywhere. On the floor, in toilets, in garbage cans. In over a year, we have not seen ANY bio-hazard waste receptacles put up ANYWHERE!!

And lastly. Have any of you noticed that Covid has literally split families, communities and the world into two. Basically Left and Right. Isn’t that telling to you? Isn’t that something we should take note of? The answer is yes.. we can learn a lot from just that fact.

By the way. Apparently Mike Lindell, the “My Pillow” guy and great patriot, that keeps getting cancelled by big tech is launching his own social media platform. It’s called Frankspeech. You can sign up at 10am Central this morning!

Wishing everyone a fantastic day with productivity, joy and blessed moments

Peace out until next time!

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