Trump's Brilliance!

President Donald J Trump always had the understanding of how to "brand". He knew in his early 30's that it was about branding yourself not the business. No one can deny, even his haters, that he is the BEST at personal branding!

People loved him for that then, and even more love him for that now. As famous as he was before, being President and the mainstream media hating him and obsessing over him for so long has only helped further brand the Trump name. Just look at the logo (below) for his new office!

I have watched interviews with Trump for as long as I can remember. As far back as the 1980s! He has always loved America, he has always had the same opinions and has always been a businessman. He brought all of that to Washington. He never cared if the swamp hated him. He was there and will continue on now to drain the swamp. He is a man of his words. He WILL get the job done. We just need to have faith and patience.







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