That's All You Got Lefties?

All I hear in this phone call is a VERY calm President trying to reason with some sort of humanity that he may be able to reach in these dirty politicians (in this case a Republican: Brad Raffensperger). The POTUS is urging him admit they need to do a recalculation.. because they DO need to!

What choice does the President have? There is so much evidence of ALL kinds of voter fraud which no one wants to know about. The fake media is not reporting on it except to say that Donald Trump is crazy! There is NO manipulation or wrongdoing on this call. He's just trying to appeal to Brad Raffensperger's possible better sense and it definitely sounds like he's trying to even help the guy because S!%# is going to go DOWN!!!

L.Lin Wood just wrote on Parler "GA Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger fails to seize the final opportunity to avoid putting on the blindfold"

Listen for yourself and YOU decide what you think!


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