Satan is in love.. awwwwww!

We need FOUR MORE YEARS more then ever!! If not, just look at what they're telling us in a simple dating app commercial. They're trying to make satan cute.. puleeeze!!

Ryan Reynold's company Maximum Effort is the Ad Agency behind the commercial which doesn't really surprise me. As much as I really do like Ryan Reynolds.. some of his movies have had LOTS of unnecessary violence!

The Left's agenda is obvious. Getting our children used to seeing these types of images is how it's done!

I'm giving the link for the commercial only so you can see how sinister it is. Beside it is another link to a lecture given by Yuri Bezminov. It's unbelievable. He warned us in more than one videos about how communist countries are indoctrinating our children/us. We DID NOT listen!


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