Quarantine Holding Cells!

When we posted the story about travel restrictions for Canada announced by PM Justin Trudeau on Friday, I hadn't noticed that Trudeau had said the following:

Starting Sunday travelers returning to Canada will have to take a PCR test at the airport at their own expense of $2000. After the PCR test, they must stay at a hotel for 3 days at their own expense until they get results. If the test result is negative, they can return home to complete their 14-day quarantine subject to "increased surveillance measures". If they receive a positive for Covid-19 test result, they will be whisked away to "serve" a 14-day quarantine at a "government quarantine facility" UNTIL they test negative!!! 

We posted a story last week that the Canadian new agency REBEL NEWS had a story about a man and his father's "escape" from one of these quarantine holding cells. I say cells because they are NOT allowed to leave. They CANNOT order food in. They can only open the door 5x a day. 3 for food and 2 to get their temperature taken! (see link below for that story)

This sounds scary! The Canadian government is treating it's citizens like children. Not to be trusted. Will exhibit BAD BEHAVIOR!


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