President Donald J Trump is Impeached for the Second Time

President Donald J Trump has been impeached for the second time.
A majority of the members of the lower chamber of Congress voted in favor of impeaching the Republican president over one charge: “incitement of insurrection.”
Trump’s impeachment process may continue after he leaves office. This matters because a President who has been impeached may never hold office again.
All they did in their latest political shenanigan is reveal the rest of the traitors. There were TEN Republicans that voted yes. Now they have a complete and full list. Those that are blackmailed have no morals and will turn on friends and family if they have to!
NOW I am 100% positive the plan is in play. Donald Trump is the best President that ever served in the USA. Ever! He will NOT go out as impeached. There WILL be a new party, new administration and a new life for all of us. NONE of us can take what's going on. And you regular leftys (not the ones who will be having an extended vacay at GITMO), I regret all of this won't play out to the point of YOU getting cancelled also (when they're done with us Conservatives) but.. don't worry: THE BEST IS YET TO COME!!

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