Endorsement for Sarah Huckabee Sanders from President Donald J Trump!

First of all.. I had to stop giggling before starting this post! The POTUS (DJT) and Sarah Huckabee Sanders had a great relationship. She talks about it in her very sweet book "Speaking for Myself" which I very much recommend. Her father was governor of Arkansas from 1996-2007 and she also talks about her childhood in the Governor's mansion. So it was expected that she would follow DJT's advice to her to run for Governor and that she would get a hefty endorsement. I don't think she expected it to be from President Donald J Trump! Check this out...

Click "twitter" icon below to see the endorsement and Sarah's acknowledgement

Emily Post was the Queen of Etiquette and SHE says that the actual proper way to address former Presidents (or governors etc..) is ie: President Donald J Trump! Check THIS out...

Credit: Emily Post Etiquette

Credit: Twitter


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