From No Vaccines to No Vacations All Within 24 Hours!

It's mind boggling. The Case numbers have gone down considerably. Covid-19 deaths (and we'll say "related") sit at just under 20,000 for ALL of Canada. That's 2-4 regular flu seasons!! This is a virus that has a 99.8% chance of complete recovery with many having NO symptoms whatsoever!

So NOW Canadian PM Justin Trudeau has implemented further travel restrictions. Not only are you NOT getting out if you're not an essential worker but ALL travel to the Caribbean and Mexico have been cancelled until the END OF APRIL!!

When you return you must quarantine if you have a negative Covid test BUT if you are POSITIVE.. you will be "detained" at a government facility!  Are you serious right now? 

Let's also not forget that Justin Trudeau is not supplying vaccines while he takes further action to lockdown Canadians!

Note: We posted another story about this earlier this week. Now they will commence all of this starting Sunday.

We are apparently still sleeping!






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