Newsmax made a BIG mistake!

Twitter has banned both the Mike Lindell (the "My Pillow") guy personal account AND My Pillow company account.

If you know anything about Mike Lindell.. he's a great guy. He has an amazing personal and business success story. A patriot with a lot of heart.

So Mr Lindell was on Newsmax with Bob Sellers and Heather Childers. They completely disrespected him in a BIG way culminating in Bob Sellers walking off the set. I don't think Mike Lindell could hear him and that's the reason why he kept talking. Lindell is a REALLY nice guy and it would be out of character for him.. even to get a point across. You can see by his face it doesn't look like he could hear them.

Then the same day they asked Mike Lindell to appear on the Rob Schmitt Show to which at the end Lindell said Newsmax is great. You know why? Because he's a REALLY nice guy!

I personally hope Bob Sellers gets fired. I understand EVERYONE is afraid of getting "cancelled" but what's the use if we all become like them??








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