A judge just denied Britney Spear's request (from this past November) to have the conservatorship she is under disolved. It's disgusting!!!!

I believe almost everything we have been seeing for years is to prepare us sub-consciously for the knowledge of the horrible and horrific things the left is doing. To "normalize" it.

Why aren't more Americans upset about the US/Mexico border crisis? Why aren't we collectively doing something to stop human and sex trafficking? 

Could it be that we have been viewing movies for years, made by the Hollywood elite, (some of the ones involved in horrific activities) filled with images, topics and ideologies that promote their "causes"?

Britney Spears is LITERALLY a slave. It doesn't matter if you do or don't like her.. do YOU know anyone.. ANYONE in the same type of situation as her??

For crying out loud, we have a demented, elderly president, clearly in active stages of dementia (Sleepy, Sippy Cup JOE) in the Whitehouse and HE is allowed to roam free and destroy America!

It is criminal what's been happening to Britney the last 13 years. The poor girl is 39 years old.. where are the feminists? Where are the "my body, my choice" protestors?? She is NOT allowed to get married and has an IUD that she had NO choice it it went in and she cannot take it out!

If she does something to harm herself.. the judge, her father and anyone else involved in this crime should be put in jail for life.. IMMEDIATELY!

I know this might not seem like a "political" piece but really it is. This is the messed up, topsy turvy world we currently live in. Where the left thinks EVERYTHING is offensive but NOT open, in your face, slavery! Perhaps because she's a white woman? I don't know but it's unbelievable! Maybe if she died her hair blue and changed to a "leftist" political spin on Instagram, they would care about her!



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