Marjorie Taylor Greene is Standing Strong!

The left is trying to cancel another Conservative. Surprised? You definitely should not be.

They are raking her over the coals for some Facebook comments that she "liked" when she was active on Facebook.

They are particularly interested to go after US Representative for Georgia Marjorie Taylor Greene because she is the first to file documents to impeach Joe Biden.

Of course we have the cancel culture hero Anderson Cooper who is always so happy.. excited even, that there's someone else they can try to twist the truth, or even lie about.

If what they say in the video is the only infraction Marjorie Greene has, come on.. let's get real. Do we forget the BLM riots or what countless mainstream media and politicians said to incite and excuse violence for most of this last year?

*Not to condone threats on any one's life, but the penalty for treason in many states still today is execution. Just want to clear up the fact on that.



Credit: Trending Politics

Credit: CNN



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