At this point the logic and criminality of it all is not to be believed. This morning I read that the World Health Organization just "quietly" changed some content on their website advising parents to NOT vaccinate their children under 18! The CDC is still saying you should and don't get me started on Ontario!

(see below for the links to the CDC and WHO advisories)

But the Biden administration (with a small "a"), is outright bribing kids to take it! I guess they didn't get the memo from the "scientists" they trust oh so very much!

Jen Psaki said Fauci will be answering questions on TikTok and I guess it's no surprise that Microsoft is giving away Xbox's!

But there are "rumors" that not only the numbers of vaccinated people has been exaggerated (no.. they wouldn't do THAT, right?), but that they are having a VERY difficult time getting people to take the "jab"!

But I think the worst part about the bribing is teaching children that it's ok to do something that you really do NOT want to do if someone will give you something you DO want! 

G-d help us!




Click News icon below for the WHO advisory link

Click News icon below for the CDC advisory link

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