Kayleigh McEnany's New Book!

Kayleigh has always been my favorite! I have said in my podcast a number of times in the last month or so that I am trying to shift away from news to more of highlighting things our political heroes are doing and what they're up to. Without them, honestly I don't know where we would be. Taken over by the CCP I'm sure.

This morning they started the "climate change" narrative to explain recent high temperatures in Canada. It's just a constant diet of fear mongering and distraction which is why I think it's so incredibly important that we stay focused with maximum mental clarity as to what we should be doing to get through all of this especially if they are going to thrust upon us a fourth wave (which I think is highly possible, parts of the UK and Australia have locked down again)!

It's not only a virus that kills people (if there ever was one!). It's isolation, desperation, depression and loneliness. I know I feel so much better when I stop watching so much news. I research the stories that mean something but I feel like so many Republican senators and congress men and women have become like "family" to us. Familiar faces. It's just nice to know good things that are happening to offset the rest of the crap!

So Kayleigh has a book out. If you love her.. buy it! 




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