Karma is a Bitch!

Well.. we can only hope this is the first of many. Will John Weaver from the Lincoln Project get jail time? That's a great question but for the dozens of young men who say he's a predator, we certainly hope so!

Lots of links below. Be informed so that when your lefty friends or even Trump supporters (that have lost faith) ask "when will the arrests of pedos start?".. you can tell them... NOW!

Video one: Karl Rove admitting he knew for years

Video Two: Lincoln Project Co-founder George Conway expects us to believe he barely knew Lincoln Project Co-founder John Weaver! HA! Also.. he's the creep that is married to Kelly Ann Conway. She basically had to quit working at the White House because of the awful position her husband (George Conway) created by launching the anti-Trump Lincoln Project!

Note: Check out the body language of George Conway. He makes a HUGE swallow at the end of the interview. IMHO.. they ALL knew!

Interesting Tweet by Ryan Girdusky



Ryan James Girdusky's Twitter

Credit: Fox News

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