Is Trump Still in Charge of the Military?

The article below states that a President retains control of the military for 60 days following the inauguration of a new administration, so I checked on some mainstream media and OMG.. do they ever trash talk Trump but anyway... most said a previous president is not in control of the military for 60 days after inauguration. However, a couple of them said that Mike Pence is making some decisions and we are no fools.. If PENCE is making decisions, you sure as heck understand that: 1. that's not true and 2. Trump may very well be still in control of the military!


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  • Nancy Campbell

    I think Trump should start the Indictments now while he is still in control of the military. But what do I know. I’m just another pee on that voted for Trump and will certainly vote for him again if I get the chance.

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