Inspiring Conservative Athletes!

Sorry for the video not being the best quality in this post but the message is incredible. It doesn't matter what religion we are, we are all the same to the left and they have created a world in which getting banned and de-platformed is becoming all too familiar, just for having a different opinion. There is strength is in numbers and we must try to build a conservative world where we can thrive and raise our families with the values we ascribe to without the fear of being "cancelled". This video is inspiring and hopefully gives people ideas and hope that there are better societies yet to build.

I did not know the story of Tim Tebow. I am completely floored by his story.

Tim Tebow's parents married on June 12, 1971, before his mom's graduation from the university they moved to the Philippines where they served as Baptist missionaries. During the Tebows' stay, his mom contracted amoebic dysentry and fell into a coma. While recovering, she discovered that she was pregnant but the medications caused a severe placental abruption. The Doctors expected a stillbirth so they recommended an abortion, which was at the time was illegal in the Philippines even for medical reasons so the Tebows decided against it.

On August 14, 1987, Pamela Tebow gave birth to Tim Tebow in Manila and when Tim was three years old, his family moved from the Philippines to Jacksonville Florida.

Tebow is the youngest of five children. They were homeschooled by their parents who instilled the family's Christian beliefs which led him to start putting Bible verses under his eyes when playing.

This was such an inspiring video, I didn't know where to shorten it. The message was so powerful throughout. I hope you enjoy.



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