Happy New Years to Everyone especially President Donald J Trump!

Mr President,

The Conservative Hill Blog wants to wish you a very VERY Happy New Year. We have loved and respected you way back when you were on Oprah!

You went through a lot this year, we want you to know that it only brought you closer to us! 2020 showed us just how strong your character is. How you have committed so strongly to fight for America and in doing so, the entire world is why we admire you so much! We support you and hope you feel that! Heck, Parler was created solely because of the revolution you started! I launched this blog because of your revolution and your desire to drain the swamp. If I personally could have a penny for every time I have said your name in the last 5 years.. wow.. ok, so I wouldn't be RICH but I'd have a lot of money which unfortunately would have to probably be in crypto-currency soon!

Happy News Years to EVERYONE!

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