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Welcome..  It is Friday May 21st 2021. I wasn’t supposed to do a Podcast today but one of my blogs yesterday sparked me to do a small one today. Today I’m going to talk about the vaccine and the possibility it connects to Bluetooth.

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If we want.. the information is all right in front of us. It's shocking!

I saw a video yesterday of a guy that claims since he got his vaccine, Bluetooth devices are trying to connect to what appears to be “him”. It comes up as AstraZeneca_ChAdOx1-S which is actually the code of the Astra Zeneca Covid-19 vaccine. He shows that both his phone and Smart TV are trying to pair with, I guess with a nano-chip or something like that in his body.

So I’m a very inquisitive person. Like I’ve mentioned before in my podcasts, I’m a mother of six children. There is only 10 years between my oldest and youngest. I raised them by myself and learned that I can’t jump and run every time one of my kids said a friend bullied them or a teacher reprimanded them without warrant. With six kids that’s all I would have been doing but I did learn how to find out information. As it turns out, I don’t think I remember one time my kids lied to me but before accusing anyone else of wrong doing, I had to become a detective. It just wasn’t in me to go after someone unless I knew the whole truth. So that was my nature then and is still today. So before posting anything about this guy, his vaccine and the possibility he’s now a connective device to Bluetooth, I had to do some research.. about 6 hours of research.

We have heard about possible nanochips in the vaccine. Well, there ARE nanochips in the mRNA vaccines that carry the instructions for making proteins from the host's genes. But we may have been looking in the wrong direction. We have been assuming that any sinister reasons they may have to insert nanochips into humans would be coming through the vaccine doses itself. However, it may very well not be in the vaccine vile.  Apiject is a company that supplies the "injector" for the vaccines. This is where the RFID or nano-technology might be. Jay Walker, the CEO of Apiject claims that although there is an RFID on their injectors it never touches or enters the person getting the vaccine. Ok, I thought at first there’s no reason not to believe him but in another video I found of Walker on how Apiject works, I started to understand that it is entirely possible to have a nanochip be in the injector itself.  So when they tell us there are no nanochips, nanobots or anything like that IN the vaccine itself, they may not be lying to us.

There is information trickling out about adverse reactions to the vaccine. Everything from Chelsea Handler being temporarily deaf in one ear and Eric Clapton’s temporary partial paralysis to many thousands of deaths. I saw a video this week of a doctor explaining that if any other vaccine or drug had even killed 50 people, it would have been pulled and FDA approval would have been revoked for further review.

Let’s not forget a few key points.

  1. Pfizer and Bill Gates have both said they will not share the formula for the vaccine. Now, understand that we are in a PANDEMIC!!! (according to them and of course Fauci and many other health officials around the world). So for example, oddly enough, India has an Astra Zeneca production plant yet they have the highest numbers of Covid cases and deaths in the world with a triple.. not double.. triple mutated variant which has been found already in a lot of countries but these pharmaceutical companies think it’s not “necessary” to share the vaccine formula in order to help control the virus and save humanity. It’s all profits and the sooner we understand that, maybe we can stop at least those that have not taken the “jab” but intend to.
  2. The CDC has revealed this past week, that anyone who had Covid will not have any antibodies left upon taking the vaccine. So, booster shots are going to be a necessary and a regular feature for anyone who has taken the "jab" already as the vaccine appears to "kill" antibodies thus weakening your own immune system.

If there's one thing I learned since Covid started, it's that literally anything is possible. There are lots of amazing things being done in the medical and pharmaceutical fields but in the wrong hands.. well, the sky's the limit. What used to be "conspiracy theories" have unfortunately been proven to be true.

I have many blog posts about amazing technology and what would happen if it was used by evil people. For example, you can search on my blog the word Crispr or Crispr Technology and you’ll be shocked as to what is possible. As I said.. I’ve learned.. Almost NOTHING is impossible.

In the corresponding blog post to this podcast, you can see videos on subjects like Nano technology, Ai in medical technology (meaning inside your body) and IoT (internet of Things) which is the extension of Internet connectivity to physical and electronic devices.. again.. referring to things in your body so take a look. I did the work for you. I read articles and watched videos for over 6 hours so you don’t have to.

So after the US just went through the ransomeware cyberattack of the Colonial Pipeline, we now know the depths to which high tech skilled criminals will go to.

One of the most highly probable and dangerous conditions that new medical technology creates is called medical device hacking and it’s when those same type of criminals hack into nano-tech device systems that are inserted, ingested or implanted in humans offering hackers the conditions to turn a person’s own body against them. Hackers can ask for ransom in order to “let you live” and all of this can be done without ever having to even be in the same country or city as the person.

As you can well understand where this will go. The violence now being waged in the Middle East could change to cyber warfare in the near future. Now up until yesterday, I thought that meant hacking into top secret mostly military computer systems. But as we saw in the case of the Colonial Pipeline, it will NOT be restricted to military endeavors.. AND with the new medical technology and possible nano-chipping of people whether approved or not by people, wars can be wages against anyone. Can you imagine disabling a whole nation or a whole culture if you are the ones who have the technology to do so. Are we getting this yet? Do we even remember what Hitler did? If you go back to the players involved in the Holocaust you will be shocked. They are the grandfathers of the players today. This is a very long agenda that was fast tracked by Covid. By now, I think most people are kind of shocked how so many listened to exactly what they were told in regards to masking, social distancing and the vaccines and with the Emergency or Quarantine acts that have been enacted in most countries, almost anything can be implemented including, maybe not yet.. not with the first doses of the vaccine but I believe nano-chips will be in the next rounds or boosters of the vaccine and people will follow.. I’m confident of that.

They’re already getting “chipped” in Sweden. People are volunteering and lining up to do this. They say it’s “cool” to be a cyborg.

The actual definition of a cyborg is a fictional or hypothetical person whose physical abilities are extended beyond normal human limitations by mechanical elements built into the body. We are foolish if we think the people that run our countries wish to enhance our physical abilities unless it’s to enhance an army. It is much more likely they will use it to control us and disable certain human aspects in a person. You know.. things like compassion, empathy or love, the things that we may take for granted now.


Elon Musk plans to implant humans with a chip in their BRAIN! Of course a lot of this may do wonderful things for people who suffer from medical ailments, it can track and detect and therefore intercept illnesses earlier and even possibly eradicate paralysis but again, I think most of us understand by now that it will absolutely be used in some negative way.


So the guy with the Bluetooth connectivity. I can't confirm whether this guy's devices are actually picking up on anything inside him to connect to Bluetooth but from my research I would definitely conclude that it is not only possible but may in fact be happening.


Any connection between components in the vaccine and internet connectivity may very well occur through the help of all of thousands and thousands of 5G towers they put up during

On a side note but in my opinion very relevant and possibly connected almost entirely..  Pfizer has been bullying countries to trade military bases, embassy buildings, huge transfers of money and protection from inevitable civil liability cases due to adverse reactions or death attributed to the vaccine in exchange for Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine dosages. Why would a pharmaceutical company be looking to “own” military bases or embassies. Why? Just think about that. These same pharmaceutical companies also won’t share their vaccine formula with under-developed countries. Instead they are trying to take full advantage of them but in ways that are NOT in the news. Not even in right wing news platforms.

The WHO’s motto has been with regards to the Pandemic and vaccines.. “no one is safe, unless everyone is safe”.. What happened to THAT?

They enacted something called the ACT Accelerator which is a ground-breaking global collaboration to accelerate the development production and equitable access to COVID-19 tests, treatments and vaccines. COVAX is co-led by Bill Gate’s GAVI, the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations or CEI and the WHO. Its aim is to accelerate the development and manufacture of COVID-19 vaccines and to guarantee fair and equitable access for every country in the world although that’s a whole lot of hogwash right there.

The FDA never approved the AZ vaccine yet dumped it into other countries.. mostly third world countries and our socialist government of Canada. Furthermore, they are hoarding over 500 million doses of vaccines.. probably even more by now and as my research has dug up.. they are using it as trade for something more valuable to them. MILITARY ownership in other countries. I guess this is colonization in the 21st century!

I just want to say quickly here that I also saw the videos of the magnets sticking to where someone got a vaccine shot. I couldn’t verify it until yesterday. You can go on my blog and look for the post about magnets. That video is the husband of my daughter’s friend. It’s real, verified and scary and NO.. he didn’t have any moisture on his arm! From my understanding, it has to be a magnet with a certain amount of strength. Like a fridge magnet for example won’t work.

So in conclusion.. Maybe the vaccine isn’t chipping or inserting anything into people now.. they DO have the technology ready to do this in the future and I believe they will, they will tell us and most will follow willingly.

We can't say they lied to us. Most of the information is easily accessible, you just have to look.. the question is.. is it too late?


I want to wish everyone a productive and blessed day and a wonderful weekend

Peace out until next time!


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