Don't compare ANTIFA to the MILITARY.. and stay away from TRUMP!

It should NOT be a surprise to see this administration mess up so badly. It's also not a surprise that they hate the military and the police but it hurts all the same but in even a more profound way. The fact that both the military and the police both fight for our safety, liberties and freedom and swear an oath to do so.. makes it so sad, dangerous and pathetic that the generation now and those coming behind them disrespect the military and police so very little. Who will protect out children if the military and the police have turned into "the bad guys". Who would have EVER thought this would happen in America? Worse, we've watched it unfold over the last few decades.


The Lincoln Project was founded by satan's workers. One even found to be a predatory pedophile! But just wanted to show just how sick they are. Maybe, maybe just one Democrat on the fence will see my blog posts or listen to my podcasts and change their mind about their evil beliefs.


Check the video below:



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