Covid Patent Monopoly - Playing the AIDS Game Again!

This video was actually from 4 months ago and it was on mainstream media in Canada. You will NEVER see this now!

The Covid Vaccine patents are held by a hand full of pharmaceutical companies. That means that 16% of countries own 60% of the vaccines!

If we are to believe what "science" tells us (which I do not!), they want us to believe that everyone globally needs to have 2 doses of the vaccine to stop the virus. Well, how is that going to happen if over 100 countries do  NOT have enough vaccines. Not even close. Do they really think we're stupid enough to believe that there are NO flights coming from India to the US and Canada, where they say the Delta variant is coming from and is more contagious and deadly than all the others ones? They tell us here in Canada that the Delta variant is overtaking the UK variant and that's the variant they are seeing for any new cases. But the G7 last week only committed to just over 20 million doses worldwide (in conjunction with Covax which is Bill Gates' connector to his Gavi vaccine company).

They have also committed to just over a half a billion by the end of 2021. India almost has 1.5 billion in population alone. Aren't THEY the ones who are telling us that people need to get vaccinated to stop the virus and restriction won't be lifted until then because "it's just too dangerous"?

This (as WE know), is about money and control! The pharmaceutical companies used PUBLIC money to develop the vaccines and are now going to make between 20-100% profits (depending on which vaccine company). Do you have ANY idea how much money will be made if almost 8 billion people have to take one or two boosters each year??

All of this is bullocks!





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