Bill Gate's Final Solution

We needed to take Joe Biden at his word when he said they were planning "the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics" but we didn't!

We also need to hear and digest the words of Bill Gates when he says that the Covid-19 vaccine would be the "final solution".

Stephen Colbert (don't get me started...), asked Bill Gates in the interview (below) "are you aware that there are people out there that have these conspiracy theories that this was all created by you in order to inoculate everyone in the world and put a chip into their blood so you can track them?"

Well, let's crack that little nugget open. This was several months ago and we now know MUCH more about EVERYTHING! Tracking would be the least of our worries. They achieve that with our devices and apps. Check the posts that will follow this one. There are TWO about Crispr Genome Editing. There is one with Vandana Shiva who explains the connection between Bill Gates, Roundup and Monsanto. We should be VERY alarmed! Vandana claims that Bill Gate's and friends offer the vaccines for diseases in India and Africa with conditions. The farmers must allow the harvest of their natural seeds and use GMO seeds instead as well as use Roundup. She talks about Monsanto originally being the chemical company that produced the poisonous gases that murdered the Jews in the Holocaust (which of course the history of stand to be cancelled by the left sometime soon!) Now couple that with Bill Gates using the term "final solution" like Hitler did in reference to the Jews' extermination.

We need to remember that although Bill and Melinda Gates go around acting like they are virologists, neither Bill nor Melinda are doctors and they make 20x more with their company Gavi than they did with Microsoft 

It was Bill Gates who warned us in 2015 of an impending Pandemic. We should have wondered what he knew then.

More info:

If you scroll down in the blog list on Conservative Hill, you will find a short video of Bill Gates giving a CIA briefing about the "God Gene" and talks about 1 or 2 virus pandemics that would require the need to vaccinate people which at the same time they could remove or alter the "God Gene" or vesicular monoamine transporter 2 (VMAT2). This all comes together when you follow up with the 3 blog posts that follow this one!


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