Ben Shapiro explains the AOC Jan 6th Controversy/Lie!

If you are confused at the 90 min AOC Twitter video about her trauma on Jan 6th and that people were trying to kill her.. (gee wonder why THAT is not a "conspiracy theory"?), then watch Ben Shapiro's video below. He explains what this all means in the "context" of the cancel culture and censorship era we now live in.


 Part One

Part Two


  • Joseph Espinoza

    She needs to be gone from Congress

  • Kelly

    I should add to that above comment:
    Out of touch with reality. And that of REAL people.
    Narcissistic like Trump.
    Fear Monger to uninformed people (the world is going to end in 12 years theory).

  • Kelly

    Shes kind of immature it seems. She reminds of a teenage drama queen. Everything she talks about is so big and urgent. I keep waiting for her to complain a boyfriend broke up with her or something. Idk why people voted for her. She seems to be emotionally disturbed.

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