Are you kidding?

This is DeBlasio's New York! He pandered to the hooligans through all the violence over the last (almost) year, so what do you expect? Kids are not in school or they're online which goes mostly unmonitored. They're bored, angry (because the media has permeated their brains) and even in the best of times some will get into more violent and criminal behavior. But mostly, they have nothing to look forward to. 2021? Who cares? The youth can now not see a future that they will prosper in and that leads to desperation, anxiety and depression? What on earth did they think would happen?

The car they attacked had Physician license plates and was occupied by a son who was taking his elderly mother to see the X-mas lights in Manhattan. The pack of thugs reportedly hung onto the moving car to “catch a ride” when the driver slammed on the brakes, causing one rider to crash. That is what apparently sparked the violent attack.

Watch how barbaric this is..



Credit: Yeshiva World & Louder with Crowder.

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